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Footnotes, citations, etc

This will be a running list of websites and articles I run across that help explain my opinions better than I can.

This article discusses how much more expensive emergency care is compared to care in the outpatient setting.


"Cost analysis of the use of emergency departments for primary care services in Charlotte, North Carolina" - PubMed

Interesting article about how things might be different if health care providers were in charge.


"Who needs an MBA? Top hospitals are run by doctors, study says" - FierceHealthcare

Doctor-run health care

Americans worry about health care...a lot

Doctors and the adminstrators who have administrators

So there's a corporation of adminstrators that help state administrators manage their Medicaid programs. Really? How does that improve patient outcomes?


"As Medicaid Rolls Swell, Cuts in Payments to Doctors Threaten Access to Care" - The New York Times

Children are not little adults

Every provider that works with kids knows this, but it bears repeating: kids are not like us. And if we concentrate efforts on preventative care and treatment for kids, we'll be setting up for success in the future.


"Health Law Helped Adults. Now, What About Children?" - The New York Times

Fairness is a big deal, for everyone

The idea that we're equal and "in this together" is what will drive a healthy and successful health reform movement forward.


"Dogs Understand Fairness, Get Jealous, Study Finds" - NPR

Expanded Medicaid will be good for some, but the middle class is overlooked

Personalized persistent health care pays off

Funny ol' there are social programs that exist that have proven to be effective. I think an incremental approach to implementing a comprehensive healthcare delivery system will bring similar results.


"Social Programs that Work" - The New York Times

Untreated mental illness drives up costs

Once again, we learn that medical costs are higher when we don't treat mental health concerns. So let's put our money where our mouth is and get this done.


"High Mental Illness Costs Attributed to in Part to Avoidable Hospital Use" - Psychiatric News

Physician Pay Isn't the Most Expensive part of Medicine

In all honesty, physicians just don't make the money that people think they do. And to make matters worse, all the money we pay into the system isn't coming to us anyway.


"Physician Compensation Eight Percent of Healthcare Costs" - Jackson Healthcare

Proactive OB/Prenatal Care Saves Money Overall

Stories like this always make me cringe a bit because we already know, and have known, that preemptively addressing health care concerns saves money and improves outcomes. But sometimes it needs to be said again...and again.


"Nurse Visits Help First-Time Moms, Cut Government Costs in Long Run" - NPR

The real cost of emergency care

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