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Throwing a Pebble into the Pond

Everyone agrees that our health care delivery system is terrible. Every single person.

Yet health care itself is actually pretty good. So, how can we get health care to the people who need it in a financially feasible way that promotes efficiency and career satisfaction?

I started this project because I firmly believe that most people, given the chance to take a step back and look at a situation, will generally make reasonable choices. Sure, there are times when people do really dumb things, but on the whole, there's something about self-preservation that seems to propel us forward.

The health care delivery system is a confusing mess. I believe it can be simplified without overhauling the whole thing and causing a panic. We just have to be creative about it.

I'm not a numbers guy, or a finance guy, or a corporate guy. I'm just a doctor that knows we can do better than we're doing and proactively make improvements for ourselves and the generations to come. I look forward to seeing what this pebble in the pond does; hopefully it does someone some good.

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