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Q: "Where have you been? I haven't seen a blog in a while?"

This was posted by a friend of mine who follows my Facebook.

I've been working on lots of different things, including seeing adults with chemical dependence, kids with ADHD and autism, and taking care of my Mother who had a massive stroke recently. She's doing better but it's amazing how the lack of resources for one person can so drastically change their family's trajectory. Luckily my siblings and I were able to come to some agreements without tearing the family apart.

I've also been working on marketing for and PSYCH. I'll admit: it's a tough sell. No, selling the content of the message is easy. The tough sell is getting people to focus for more than a few seconds on something other than sensational stories (like Trump), infuriating stories (like Trump), and instigating stories (like Trump.)

I've also been working on community redevelopment projects, summer educational projects, real estate and economic development projects...all those other ideas that will help build a better world for our kiddos (even if Trump is President.)

But I will continue to push forward, together forward, towards a dream of universal affordable access. We'll get there, one step at a time.

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