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Q: "Where are you?"

I'm still here! Promise!

This year has been a whirlwind for me. As a private practice physician, I've been working to build a robust quality brand to care for my amazing patients. To that end, I switched medical records, trained and adjusted staff, and built corporate structure. It's been fun but exhausting.

I've also been working on a community revitalization project ( so every free second has been spent sharing the message of health care reform, community reinvestment, or maintaining friendships and sanity.

PSYCH is alive, well, and kicking. As we can all see from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, no either candidate has a very good grasp of new approaches to health reform. The Mylan Epi-pen debacle was great for one reason: it showed America what pharmaceuticals are after...and it's not your health.

I'll try to write more going forward but for now, share the video with friends and family and watch the birth of a movement.

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