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Review: "A New Attack on Health Care Reform" – The New York Times

Within all the rigmarole of the Affordable Care Act, with it's thousand different plans and thousand different requirements and thousand different micro-incentives, I totally forgot that there are nonprofit and co-op insurance plans/enclaves out there. In this article from The New York Times, the Editorial Board criticizes Republicans for being overly-critical of the failure of those unique plans and says they were bound to fail since Republicans did everything in their power to ensure their failure.

They are right, but only sorta. Health insurance will fail because its fundamentally flawed. Thus any financial or social construct based on a fundamental flaw won't last long, even with the best intentions.

An example: the so called "public option." I used to be in favor of this, until it dawned on me that it's another example of a government run program that is supposed to work in my best interest. The funny thing is that only I can know what my best interests are.

P.S.Y.C.H.'s marketing campaign is to return medicine to an "A & B conversation;" to put the patient and the provider as the sole discussants of health decisions. Placing people in "risk" pools with other people who make their own person-centric decisions has never made sense to me. Then, having those pools moderated by the government makes even less sense. Why not empower people to own their choices and relegate governmental involvement to the bigger things, such asfighting companies that contaminate the environment and cause health issues. For any insurance or government to care if I have a sinus infection seems frankly stupid.

So, NYTimes Editorial Board, you are correct; nonprofit insurance companies do have their haters. But when we're in the wrong ballpark altogether, we can't complain about our blocked views.

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