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Q: What does the Federal Reserve have to do with this?

I am blessed to be able to have intelligent conversations with friends who I feel are some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. I made the assertion yesterday that P.S.Y.C.H. is like a fully publically-owned Federal Reserve.

Little did I know, the Federal Reserve – the entity that sets fiscal policy for the entire United States, decides interest rates, and sets people running in panic about their financial situations – is a private company set up by the government a long time ago. It has to "answer" to the government, but they make their own decisions about monetary policy for all the rest of us.

So let that sink in for a second.

If the entire fiscal policy for the U.S. can be run by a private company, why not have a state-specific public company make health policy for their constituents? And instead of any profits going back to the U.S. Treasury, like the Federal Reserve reportedly does, any "profits" (i.e. excess monies left in the state kitty for that year) could be rolled over, invested in research, or given back to that state's citizenry.

Either way, there's something of a precedent that has been set for a company running a sector of our society. Imagine what could happen if we took our health as seriously as we took our money.

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