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Review: "Many See I.R.S. Penalties as More Affordable Than Insurance" – The New York Times

When you have a person in the interview say, "I feel like it's better just to die," then Houston, we have a problem. This was from an article by Abby Goodnough published by The New York Times yesterday.

It's an interesting read and I encourage you to make it. Here are Just a couple things from my perspective.

How is it easier to have a slew of metrics to calculate what you're making and what percentage of what could exempt you than to have a provider with a set fee schedule that you can review before you see them?

This article does a great job of interviewing pretty typical Americans who have made adult decisions about their health and who will continue to do so. They know that it does not make sense to pay into a system that gives them nothing for their money.

Let's go back to the pizza analogy: would you go to a pizza place, plop down 20 bucks and then not get any pizza? No. So why would we expect anything different from a health insurance company?

P.S.Y.C.H. is the answer to common-sensed Americans looking for a common-sense answer. Health care reform is not rocket science.

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