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Q: What if people move out of state?

"What if people move out of state?"

Knowing that Americans are more mobile than ever, this question arose from a friend who wonders how health care would function if you left one state for another.

First off, in the P.S.Y.C.H. plan, each state will choose its own pricing. If you think about it, this creates market competition between states. After all, you don't want citizens leaving for other states because the cost of health care is cheaper than their own. This will keep prices down overall.

  • People will be able to see states' price lists before they go, thereby making an informed decision about their options.

  • After establishing residency in a new state, they can then begin to pay into that state's general health fund for preventative visits. Sick visits will still be covered out of their own pocket.

  • There's no COBRA, no penalty for being uninsured, and no drama waiting 90 days for insurance to kick in.

I'm still thinking through if one state should give another state a percentage of that person's contribution to their general health fund upon the move.... I dunno, that sounds like adding an unnecessary complication, especially since the funds are pooled in the general fund anyway.

But I'm open to ideas.

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